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By David M. Odom, MD

Phosphatidylcholine for Anti-Aging Therapy

Plaquex® brand, miraculous substance

​Plaquex® brand of phosphatidylcholine for anti-aging therapy

In the mid-1990's a Swiss doctor, Sam Baxas, MD, was about to lose his wife to progressive coronary artery disease (CAD). Because of intractable chest pain, she underwent coronary angioplasty, a procedure in which a catheter was threaded into the offending artery and a balloon situated on the catheter tip was inflated, widening the girth of the artery, and thus relieving blockage of blood flow.

His daughter, Anita Baxas, reported in her book, Plaquex®, the Miracle Molecule, that the angioplasty prevented chest pain for only about 6 weeks, as her arteriosclerotic disease was progressive, that is, the process depositing plaque continued. Dr. Baxas finally hit upon the idea of using phosphatidylcholine (PC) intravenously to digest the fatty deposits hanging on the walls of her arteries. To his amazement, he found that PC given as a series of IV infusions not only halted the progress of her coronary artery disease, but cleaned her arteries of calcified arterial plaque.


Anita Baxas, M.D.
Author of The Miracle Molecule


What is this miraculous substance?

PC is the main natural constituent of all cell membranes.

The PC molecule, shown in the drawing below, contains a hydrophilic or miscible in water choline head attached to two fatty acid chains, that are miscible in oil.

The fatty acid chains can be unsaturated, meaning that the carbon molecules are connected with multiple bonds, or saturated, so that all extra bonding positions are attached to hydrogen atoms. The next drawing shows how the PC molecules are connected in mats, with two mats connected together via the fat attracted chains:


The two mats put together like this is the construction of cell membranes found in all living tissue. You can see that interspersed amongst the PC molecules are various channels required to move nutrients into the cells and metabolic waste out of the cells. This PC mat construction is also utilized in subcellular organelles, like the mitochondria.
These cell membranes work well to keep cells healthy if the fatty acid chains are unsaturated. Then, cell membranes are more fluid and move nutrients and wastes efficiently. The opposite occurs if the fatty acid chains are saturated. It turns out that the aging process causes stiffer less capable cell membranes.
But, the cells can readily accept any PC molecules that have unsaturated fatty acid chains for inclusion into the aging membranes, thus producing a rejuvenating effect. Availability is the major issue.
Quality sources of di-linoleoyl phosphatidylcholine (DLPC) can be produced from soy. The Swiss-made product, Plaquex®, is also manufactured under license by Anazao Health in Las Vegas. Plaquex® is acknowledged as very high quality and the only brand that I use for IV infusion.

Oral capsules of Plaquex® can also be used for maintenance therapy, but only the IV infusions work for removing arterial plaque.


​What other ailments can be treated with Plaquex®? PC infusions reverse liver and kidney damage. Plaquex® can stop the nausea of pregnancy and protect the stomach from damaging effects of NSAID therapy (like the chronic use of Ibuprofen). Erectile Dysfunction can be amenable to Plaquex® therapy. Vascular dementia can be aided by PC IV infusions. Psoriasis and Neurodermatitis are amenable to Plaquex® therapy.

Many people undergoing a series of infusions followed by taking oral Plaquex® notice looking and feeling younger.