Acoustic SoundWave Therapy to Treat ED and Plaque Build-Up

Have you been experiencing symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction lately?

Maybe your erections have been…Maybe your erections have been..

  • Not as frequent as in your younger years.
  • Not staying as hard “the entire time” anymore.
  • Not staying as hard as they used to, in general.
  • Not able to keep it up all of a sudden or maybe…
  • Not even able to get it up at all.

When it comes to firm and powerful erections, having proper blood flow is crucial. Think of this matter like a clogged sink. It will be gradual, at first, starting slowly, but the gunk in your plumbing will build up and over time will prevent water from draining. The same goes for the veins and flow to your “manhood”. If your penis is not receiving enough blood to your genital area, it will be increasingly difficult to gain an erection as you age. Pun intended, you will have a hard time getting it up. Bah-doom-chh.

Anyway, this clogging begins happening to men around age twenty. Yes, that early. This is why the quality of a guys’ erection begins to show signs of significant decline around 30-35 years old. Maybe you have noticed these issues but you are so nervous about labeling it, because it makes it real, that you have been ignoring the signs. You sir, no matter your age, are experiencing ED. Perhaps you have tried pills and other “remedies” that are short lived, painful, have nasty side effects; like, blurry vision, headaches, and blood clots.

It is time to face the truth! But now what?

You still don’t think your “little secret” is bad enough to see a professional (which you should), so what do you do? ​Want to have a DIY system that you can discreetly do in your home, by yourself?

We recommend the Phoenix Pro!

  • Safe & Effective, Non-Invasive, At-Home Treatment!
  • Drug & Pain Free!
  • Backed by Urologists!
  • No Side Effects!
  • High Success Rate!
  • Free & Discreet Shipping!
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Because The Phoenix Pro targets the root cause of your performance problems, it is a proven safe, more long term solution, that’s painless, and is a healthier alternative to other ED treatments on the market. 60+ medical studies support the efficacy of Acoustic Soundwave therapy and the Phoenix Pro is trusted, and RAVED about, by over 50,000 men to this day.

How does acoustic wave therapy work?

  1. Gentle sound waves are applied by moving the Phoenix Pro directly along the surface of your penis.
  2. Medical guidance is administered to help you complete the treatment safely and effectively.
  3. The acoustic waves break up plaque build up, that is causing blood flow blockage in your penis, by traveling through your existing blood vessels and triggering new, healthy blood vessels and nerve tissue growth.

Called “Angiogenesis”, this process enhances the sensitivity and blood flow of your penis.

Want to try it yourself?

What you may not know is that for many years, doctors have utilized acoustic soundwaves to provide a safe treatment to patients and have implemented soundwave machines for about a decade. However, due to the technology of most systems being clunky, expensive, and lagging-behind, regardless of it being the most cutting-edge and painless technology to handle this issue, it has received a bad rep! Luckily, the tech has finally caught up and it has given birth to the “Phoenix Pro” system!

Paired with the expert medical supervision of Dr. Odom and the Hard Science team, this Acoustic Wave Therapy Device for men can save you time and money compared to in-clinic treatments that are currently out there.

This means that you can relax in the comfort of your own home while getting the clinical-strength Acoustic Wave Therapy to treat your erectile dysfunction.

How does the Phoenix Pro work?

  • Move the device along your shaft and penis base, slowly.
  • It emits 20k pulses of acoustic sound waves directly into your male ‘member’ to optimize your performance, naturally.
  • Do this regularly, according to your custom plan.
  • The handheld Acoustic Wave Therapy machine
  • BlueLight Vitality Vacuum Pump (valued at $130)
  • Nitric Oxide Supplements (valued at $99)
  • Consultation with Medical Professionals
  • Customized Medical Treatment Plan
  • Accountability Journal

Guaranteed to give you a total of 50 treatments and emit 1 million pulses at therapeutic levels.

  • Place your order- Shipped quickly & discreetly, your device will come with everything you will need.
  • Administer treatment- Follow our personalized treatment plan.
  • Enjoy your results! Take your improved performance to your partner for a test drive that will blow their mind!