The Truth About Women Not Losing Weight After Age 40

​How do women past age 40 drop excess fat?!

The frustration of dieting and exercising…… and not dropping the weight!!!

There are many reasons your body is incapable of losing the weight, such as an imbalance in your hormones, blood sugar is too high, etc.

But first, you must realize that you do not have a problem that will be forever

solved by simply the dropping weight.


​Because the weight comes back on after you have stopped implementing the techniques that caused the weight loss.

Most people, after losing any amount of weight decide “I no longer need to diet and exercise!”WRONG!​The term “diet” refers to what you eat.

It is a misconception that a “diet” is a temporary state, there is no such thing as “going on a diet” or “dieting”.

You can only change your diet. What is YOUR diet like?, Do you only choose to eat healthy when you are trying to lose weight?

This is one of your problems!

If you only choose a healthy lifestyle to lose the weight then go right back to your unhealthy ways of living after the weight is dropped then you will be right back where you started in no time.

However, once your metabolism slows due the number of issues that arise with age, most women require extra assistance to even be able to drop the weight in the first place.

Two ways that actually work:

1.  Medication & amino acids that raise levels of 2 neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and serotonin,  reduce appetite, but more importantly enhance the breakdown of stores of fat.  This technique has been used successfully by weight loss doctors for almost 30 years.

2.  The natural hormone, chorionic gonadotropin or hCG.  While dieting, taking this hormone causes you to drop fat, especially belly fat, with the average female dropping 25 lbs of fat in 40 days.  The hCG diet includes 15 hours of fasting daily.  This diet is not to last past 40 days at one session.

​Some women can drop weight using (this will sounds strange) the diabetes medication, Metformin. Some can utilize intermittent fasting. Like diabetes or high blood pressure, obesity is a chronic problem, it must be gotten under control, then managed indefinitely.

(That means no quitting your health routines!) The good news, is that you can maintain a normal body weight by paying attention, and re-starting the techniques that have worked for you in the past.

You just need to make a pact with yourself to resume your healthy lifestyle, or at the very least, return to your weight loss routine whenever you reach a particular weight. You know, the weight beyond which you are uncomfortable.

Don’t allow life’s unexpected events to prevent you from following this agenda and steal your happiest.

Would you like to discuss a weight-loss “plan of attack” custom to your body?

I can’t wait to help!