This was the comment I made on THIS >> ARTICLE posted on the NewsMax site, with the title Two Northern California Businesses Defy Stay-At-Home Order​.

​In my professional opinion, the stay-at-home/social distancing orders reveal a lack of understanding within the government about the spread of corona viruses versus the sicknesses that they can produce.

The problem is not the spread of the virus, if nobody gets sick from the virus.

Our problem is not that it is contagious, this particular virus, SARS CoV-2, is exceedingly contagious, the problem is that some people get sick and die from it.  These are separate issues.

So, who gets sick and who doesn’t get sick?

What is the commonality?

What do nursing home patients and African Americans have in common?

Unless they are supplementing, both have low levels of cholecalciferol or “vitamin” D3 (the sunshine vitamin because, normally, you should be getting enough sun for your body to produce this on it’s own), which is made in the skin in response to sunlight.  Shut-ins get no sunlight.  And it takes more sunshine for darker skin to make the protective amount of D3 that your body requires.

Darker skin protects the body in equatorial areas of intense sunlight.  Lighter skin allows the production of D3 in northern climes where protection of skin from sunlight is not necessary.

The fact is, without Vitamin D3, your immune system is compromised.

I have used D3 to prevent seasonal flu and colds, which are all Coronaviruses, for years while I had my medical practice in Alaska. It was crucial due to the lack of regular sunshine, especially in the dark winter months. Keep in mind, it is not that my patients did not contract any virus’, it is that they did not become ill from them.

Adults can take 10,000 IU (250 mcg) of D3 daily without the hint of any toxicity.  Children can take 1,000 IU per 25 lbs body weight.  Sublingual drops are available for small children, at 1,000 IU per drop.

Don’t worry so much about receiving the virus.  Instead, protect yourself from illness by supplementing D3.


By the way, vitamin D3 is not actually a “vitamin”! ​Vitamin D3 is a vital hormone  produced within your body.