Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Finally, help to manage your weight in a safe & effective Doctor supervised program. 

Most find it hard to not only lose weight, considering every patient’s individual biological needs, but just as hard to maintain your success.

This is where a Doctor Supervised Weight Management Program comes into play.

What to expect during your phone consultation-

On your first call with Dr. Odom,

You will be asked some routine questions to better understand if you qualify for this program.

Things like:

  • Age
  • Current weight
  • Height
  • Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Medications & Supplements
  • Menstruation Status
  • Any Medical Conditions
Then, we'll go over how both programs function and their details.

We have two Weight Loss Programs available, the Classic Program and the HCG Program, both have their perks and situational uses. Depending on your needs and individual biology, we may recommend the Classic, or the HCG, or even a combination.

If we are a good fit, we will order your blood studies and schedule your first in-person visit!

After we have gone over all the details and you have made the decision to take control of your health, we will schedule you for your first appointment with Dr. Odom to go over your blood panel results and come up with a plan.

"I have lost 72 lb and 10 and 1/2 in in my waist alone. Thank you doctor and I'm forgiving me my life back."

– Testamonial

"During our first visit, I learned the hormones I was taking weren't good for me and most likely the cause of the weight problems. Dr Odom prescribed natural hormones, found a thyroid condition that I didn't know I had, and helped me understand what was going on with my body. I finally got answers after all these years about why it was impossible for me to lose weight!""

– Testamonial

"At 22, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. During the course of the next year, I was treated with every kind of hormone therapy known to doctors. In that year with every hormone change, I would gain 5 to 15 lb. At 23, my OBGYN decided that a full hysterectomy was the only thing that would make me feel better. Then came the Premarin. I steadily gained weight over the next 7 years. I tried every diet, exercise program, and any other "trick" that I heard about to get the weight off. Nothing helped. When I heard about Dr Odom's program, I had topped the scale at 210 lb. I would have to say that Dr Odom has definitely changed my life!"

– Testamonial

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